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Meet The Team


Frederick (Rick) Sherman

Sherman & Sherman Law Offices, serving the community since 1911


Olivia Páez, LMSW

Title I Homeless Education, Deming Public School District

ShermanCommunityFd (1).png

Deborah Gwin

Educator, retired. Volunteer mentor at Deming Public Schools

Life-long commitment to education

ShermanCommunityFd (1).png

Jane Fricano

Community organizer

Past Deming Arts Council President

Former school board member, Elmhurst, IL 1985-1989

Boys and Girls Club former board member, Citrus County, FL 1995-200.

ShermanCommunityFd (1).png

Elizabeth  Burr

NM Dept. of Health, Health Promotion Specialist, retired

CHANCES, current Chairperson


On file as a not-for-profit entity with the federal government since 1991
All board members reside in Luna County and convene monthly.

Executive Administration

Pauli Galin

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