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This  entire website was recently created in response to a request to provide an online venue to collect funds being offered by many individuals for the immediate needs at the Luna County SW Fairgrounds where services were set up literally overnight in May to accommodate hundreds of travelers arriving on the streets of the city.


These are men, women, and children traveling as family units to find safe harbor in the USA. They have been admitted by the federal authorities because they all have the paperwork in place to seek asylum and have sponsoring family or agencies who have been waiting anxiously to hear they are safe and accounted for.

So far the nationwide response to this site has been heartwarming.

Monetary donations are no longer being accepted through the Sherman Community Foundation to support travelers at the shelters set up by the community of Deming in Luna County, NM.


You may send monetary donations to the City of Deming.

City of Deming

Attn: Refugee Program

P.O. Box 706

Deming, NM 88031 or telephone 575-546-8848

If you are prompted to donate money to the refugee program at the City of Deming, please be cautious, as any other entity that has established an account for these efforts, may be fraudulent.  Currently, the City is posting monthly spending reports on their website.

You also can still support the shelter by donating goods and shipping them to one of the churches listed, and volunteering!

Click on the Current Donation of Goods Needed image for a downloadable pdf. This list is updated by local volunteer coordinators in consultation with the City and County. Please call tel. 575-201-3953 if your questions are not answered here.

To volunteer onsite, please fill out the Volunteer form which can be found online here:

Thank you. If you aren't told enough, thank you. Be patient, we need you.

We also ask all volunteers and medical personnel, to register with the NM Medical Reserve Corps so that we can better utilize your skills.


Update July 3, 2019. The Sherman Community Foundation collected $26,779.71 by June 9, 2019 for the direct use of the City of Deming and Luna County in support of the community Refugee Relief Center. A check for the funds was issued and delivered to the City. Absolutely no administrative fees were charged to handle the funds, except for the unavoidable built-in cost of doing business via PayPal (2.9%, plus 0.30 cents/transaction). We are proud to have been asked to participate in the initial stages and to have been able to support the first hectic days of receiving over 7,500 travelers.


Update June 9, 2019. The Deming Relief Center was quickly organized by the support of local government, businesses, community and people like you! The Sherman Community Foundation was there from the initial stages and created this website to accommodate the immediate need for an online venue to collect financial donations from out of the area. This website was built and promoted by one of those volunteers--Kalyn Blazak. She did a lot of heavy lifting; with over $26,000.00  raised and transferred to the City of Deming and the Luna County government in support of the Refugee Relief Project.

Kalyn has asked to step down to pursue other opportunities working in close connection with the City and County Refugee Relief Project. We are pleased and happy for her and that her immense skills have been recognized and will be brought to bear in direct support of the Deming and Luna County refugee relief effort.

Thank you Kalyn!

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